Wendy’s and other brands test out GIFs in Facebook ads

Advertisements that pop up on Facebook could get more animated.

In May, the social media giant started allowing users to post animated images called GIFs and now brands are getting a taste of how GIFs can be weaved into advertising.

“GIFs can be a fun and compelling way to communicate, so we’ve started testing GIF support in posts and boosted posts for a small percentage of Facebook Pages. We will evaluate whether it drives a great experience for people before rolling it out to more Pages,” a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement to SiliconBeat.

Facebook declined to say how many brands are testing these ads out.

But some brands including fast food chain Wendy’s and a Brazilian Coca-Cola brand called Guaraná Kuat have already started posting ads using GIFs.

Wendy’s on Thursday posted a GIF ad that displayed a salad bowl being filled up. “Choosing a favorite ingredient is tough in this bowl,” the company wrote in the Facebook post.


Guaraná Kuat also displayed a GIF on its Facebook page, showing a cat in their soda can running through various places.


In March, Facebook started incorporating more apps into Messenger including ones that allow users to create GIFs. Developer of those apps said they were hoping to infuse more emotion into instant messaging through video, animation, music and other forms of expression.

Boosted by mobile ad dollars, Facebook’s sales grew about 39 percent, to $4 billion in the second quarter, which ended in June.

Using GIFs in ads aren’t the only feature Facebook has been testing. The company also revealed this week that it was looking at redesigning a blogging tool called “Notes” on the social networking site.

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  • I like how this article makes it sound like animated gif’s are relatively new. I think they’ve been around for almost 30 years now.