New Samsung promotion lets iPhone owners try Galaxy phones for just $1

Getting tired of your iPhone? Samsung will let you try out its latest Galaxy phones for a month for a dollar.

Described as the “Ultimate Test Drive,” iPhone users can check out what all the Android hubbub is about and test the latest Galaxy phones, including the S6, S6 Edge, and Note 5, with 30 days of cellular service and a voice a data plan depending on the user’s carrier. After the trial period, users must send back their test phones, free shipping, but are encouraged to “make the switch” to Android. If users then buy a qualifying Samsung device, Samsung notes that “there’s even more love in store for you,” but it’s unclear what that actually means.

This promotion is only available to iPhone users, as users must enroll in the program through their iPhones.

Though phone promotions are nothing new, with Sprint and T-Mobile offering discounts through their “iPhone Forever” and “Un-Carrier Amped” promotions, what makes this interesting is that phone maker Samsung itself is doing a promotion. While Samsung is the world’s leading phone maker, with 22 percent market share compared to Apple’s 15 percent, according to Gartner, Apple is the leading phone maker in the U.S., with market share of 49 percent compared to Samsung’s 29 percent, according to comScore.

This aggressive promotion to turn iPhone users to Samsung may suggest that Samsung is feeling pressure. Yet, financial analysts predict that China’s economic downturn may have a large effect on iPhone sales in China and predict zero to negative growth in iPhone 6s and 6 Plus sales because of the lack of compelling new features. Samsung may also see this as a time to strike.

Photo: This file photo illustration taken on August 27, 2012 shows an employee holding an Apple iPhone 4s (left) and a Samsung Galaxy S3 (right) at a mobile phone shop in Seoul. (JUNG YEON/AFP/Getty Images)


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  • Hello

    Yeah, I tried it and every phone is “unavailable” at the moment….


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  • The one hit wonder

    I got my test drive device all I can say is nothing impressive except the camera now that’s good quality in video and pictures