Tesla shows prototype of terrifying snake-like car charger

Tesla has found a way to make an electric car charger utterly repulsive.

CEO Elon Musk on Thursday sent out a tweet with a short video of a robotic snake-like charger that can bend and slither its way to the electric car’s charging port with no human interaction. Partnered with the electrically opening and self-closing charge port door Tesla detailed last year, this new technology would allow drivers to stay in their air-conditioned cars while the robots do their dirty work and charge their cars for them.

You should definitely see the thing in action. While it could be convenient and is kinda cool, it’s still horrifying. Musk himself noted that it “does seem kinda wrong.”

The project is still in prototype, and Tesla hasn’t discussed any plans on when/if the snake charger will make its way to users.

Musk teased the project late last year, noting that it was, indeed, “for realz.”


Tesla has 487 supercharger stations around the world, with 2,742 superchargers, according to its website.

Photo at top: An interior view of the newly opened Tesla Motors expanded showroom at Santana Row in San Jose on April, 4, 2013. (Dai Sugano/Staff)


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  • What’s so “terrifying” about that?

  • JimT

    Hmmm, looks overly complicated and I’m assuming overly expensive as well. Doesn’t really seem like a good use of development resources.

  • Steve Guttenburg

    Cool concept, but why don’t they focus on improving the already existing, and more practical wireless charging technology? You can already retrofit some EV vehicles with it using third party companies, although admittedly it’s pretty poor and the efficiency is bad. But in the end you just drive over a plate installed in the ground, and you’re done. Why go through all this trouble of making a complex snake thing?

    • One has to try many different technologies in order to eventually end up with the ones that are adopted. It’s evolutionary.

      Also, self driving cars will have to be charged automatically. You not going to have a bunch of guys in uniforms caps run out and plug these cars in.

  • SeeMoHigher

    Easily worth $55 share market cap increase.

  • unanimous

    I got to agree, with Steve G. although it’s a great concept. I have to say wireless
    charging technology, is a lot more impressing. If I wanted a flexible pole to charge my car, I’d just put a wire through a hose , with a gps locator on the end of it ( obviously , there is more too it,) but you should get the point.

  • Chuy Mamang

    ?!? I think it’s kinda cool. Very Spiderman. Very cool, indeed. Although, the wireless charging is a great idea too. The tech is here now. Why not use it?

  • sd

    Well, I, for one, welcome our new reptilian overlords.