Verizon offers new price plan for phone services, eliminates contracts

Verizon is launching new prices for its wireless phone services under a plan that will do away with subsidized phones for its customers.

The new pricing plan will offer four sizes of data that Verizon hopes will be easy for customers to grasp, since they use names often associated with clothing sizes.

The Small package will cost $30 a month for 1 gigabyte of data. The Medium package will cost $45 a month for 3 gigabytes of data. The Large plan will cost $60 a month for 6 gigabytes of data. And the X-Large plan will cost $80 a month for 12 gigabytes of data.

All the data amounts would be shared by the devices on a particular plan.

Verizon also is changing monthly line-access charges.

On the new plan, every smartphone line is $20 a month, tablet lines are $10 a month and lines for devices such as smart watches are $5 a month. All four of the data plans can  be shared by up to 10 devices.

The big changes are that contracts are a thing of the past for Verizon, making it the latest wireless carrier to take such an approach, as well as the elimination of discounts for phones if people sign contracts with Verizon.

Instead, new customers who want to use the new plan would have to pay the retail price for a phone or other device that runs on the Verizon network. Alternatively, they could enter into a payment plan for the device, without changing the monthly rates.

In some cases, customers will wind up paying less, depending on the plans they now have. The 3 gigabyte plan would cost $5 less and the 6 gigabyte plan would cost $10 less a month.

People who are on family plans could be jolted the most. Those who are on a family plan with a 6 gigabyte package that’s shared would see a $5 increase in their per-device connection fee.

The plan will go into effect Aug. 13, the telecommunications giant said.

Photo: A wireless customer walks in front of a Verizon sign. (Associated Press) 


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