Update: Windows 10 upgrade bug makes some PCs unusable

Some consumers trying to upgrade their computers to Windows 10 have run into a bug that is rendering their machines inoperative.

Instead of being able to use Microsoft’s new operating system, they get an error that says their computer has a “missing operating system.” Some also said their drives reported having nothing on them after the attempted upgrade.

Among those who experienced the bug was Randall Keith, the managing editor for Digital for Bay Area News Group, which publishes SiliconBeat. He ran into it while trying to upgrade his 3-year-old Asus ZenBook laptop, which was running Windows 7. Keith attempted the upgrade after getting a notification from Microsoft prompting him to do so and after using the company’s installer to see if his computer was compatible with the new software.

Instead of a smooth upgrade, he got what might be called the “black screen of death” with the ominous warning message his computer was now missing its operating system. Keith ended up taking his computer to the Microsoft Store in Palo Alto to try to diagnose and solve the problem. The only solutions offered to him were to send the computer off to try to recover the programs and data off the drive or to do a clean installation of Windows 10.

Since the computer wasn’t his primary one, Keith chose the latter, but then ran into a second problem — Microsoft no longer recognized that he had a license to use Windows, which he discovered while working with OneDrive when a prompt telling him to go to settings to activate Windows appeared on the screen.

Keith isn’t the only one to have the problem. On one Microsoft forum page devoted to the bug, some 25 people reported experiencing the same issue. On Windows 10 Forums, an independent discussion site, a separate thread had attracted more than three dozen posts from users experiencing similar problems.

“Upgrade was going very, very well, and after the installer got to around 89 percent, the computer rebooted,” a consumer identified as “jhuck5” wrote on the Microsoft forum page. “During the reboot, the BIOS screen appears with a black screen and ‘Missing Operating System.'”

A Microsoft representative declined to estimate how many users were affected by the problem or what types of computers it might be affecting. The representative suggested that those who encounter the bug should contact Microsoft’s customer support representatives.

“While the vast majority of our customers will be able to seamlessly upgrade, some app or device incompatibilities may exist and will decrease over time,” the company representative said.

Several of those who experienced the bug reported using Asus computers. Many also reported having laptops that use flash, or solid-state (SSD) drives.

Microsoft released Windows 10 last week. The software has been praised for addressing the shortcomings of Windows 8, but has been criticized for raising privacy and security concerns.

UPDATE: Windows 10 is finally activated on Keith’s Asus laptop after two Answer Desk chat sessions, one of which included a promised a call from a supervisor that never came, and two visits to the Microsoft Store, where an Answer Desk technician resolved the activation key issue by grabbing a Windows 10 box from the shelf, ripping off the wrapper and typing the enclosed activation key in. Quick reboot, updates downloaded and installed without a problem and in less than 15 minutes Keith was on his way.

An engineer at Microsoft also responded to Keith’s posts in the Windows support forum thread asking him in a private message for additional details on his computer and the steps he took that resulted in the “Missing Operating System” and black screen of death.

The lessons learned:

1. If you’re an Asus owner, before you try to install Windows 10 go to the Asus Windows 10 page and make sure Asus has blessed the Windows 10 upgrade for your computer model. (Keith’s was a UX31E, just over three years old.) If your computer is a different brand, check the manufacturer’s site to see if they’ve done what Asus has. Be particularly careful if your computer is older than a year or so.

2. It’s obvious, but be sure to back up your data and run Windows update to install any security patches and other pending updates before you start your upgrade process. Make sure you’ve backed things up on an external drive. This is the time to consider a cloud backup service if you aren’t already using one. This wasn’t Keith’s primary computer, and he lost no critical files, but he’ll be backing up a lot more often now.

3. If you live or work near a Microsoft Store take advantage of the Answer Desk. Keith was fortunate because a store was close by, with technicians who worked directly with him to resolve the problem. (Once you find the store using Microsoft’s store-finder, book your appointment online. Keith found wide open availability, unlike his experience with Apple’s Genius Bar.)

Photo: People shop at the Microsoft Store at Westfield Valley Fair mall on the day of the Windows 10 launch in Santa Clara, Calif., on Wednesday, July 29, 2015. (LiPo Ching/Bay Area News Group)


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  • I have Windows 10 on my Windows 7 desktop, it upgraded smoothly and without any issues. I’ve also had it since release day. I’ve had no problems and I really love 10. Best system yet.

    • Matt Presley

      I like it a lot coming from Windows 8.1 (Anything is better than 8) but, I still prefer Windows 7 and XP for that matter lol.

      • Kyder Dog

        >Anything is better than 8

        • Uncle Remus

          I would take Vista over 8 any day. Then again, I would take a Palm Pilot over Windows 8 as well, so I guess that doesn’t say much for Vista. And even less for Windows 8.

        • Azriel Hunter

          i never had to experience the pains of Vista for myself, but I think 3.1 is better than 8 and vista combined.

  • Courtney Bosworth

    I upgraded a new Dell Desktop and other than it going through the repeated restarts, which is expected, I had absolutely no problems at all. All my programs came back working. All my files were still there. All my peripherals still worked. I then upgraded an ASUS laptop and that worked fine too. It was a little slow but I allowed it to upgrade over my wifi network and had no problems. It took about 2 to 3 hours to complete the process. After upgrading and starting programs for the first time, the programs run slowly at first but afterwards everything seems to be running faster. I have had no problems at all. I will be investigating the privacy settings everyone is talking about under the new OS.

  • Jorg Bachmann

    I upgraded my HP PC from WIN 7 to Win 10 last night. This morning I was welcomed with a boot failure message. I was quickly to resolve it, after going into the BIOS settings for the HDD. The setting was set to RAID Mode. I changed the setting to IDE or AHCI and this booted up the system with the new installed Win10 without an issue. Really easy fix and might be worth a try.

  • Richard Sikkink

    I upgraded my ASUS laptop from 7 to 10. No major problems but several little annoyances. It wouldn’t play sound until I worked with that a while and I still have not gotten my touch pad to work correctly. It sees it only as a mouse for some reason so I can’t even get into touchpad software to return some of the things I had done to make it more useable for me long ago. The one I miss most is being able to enlarge or decrease screen size with finger spreads, with my eyes getting older that was a great help since some sites open with much smaller type than others.

    • megablast16

      Upgraded my ASUS N55SF this morning and no problems until I realised I’ve now got no sound! I’ve tried various fixes I saw online such as changing the bit-rate and uninstalling and updating the sound drivers but still no sound. What did you do to get sound back?

      • Richard Sikkink

        I did pretty much everything you did, I finally went into device manager and did an Uninstall there. I then restarted it said that there was a problem with the sound card and said looking for a fix. When it finally finished I had sound still missing most of the upgrades ASUS had done over the years with the sound software. I had to do that to get my touch pad working at all and also my microphone. None of them function as they did before the upgrade but at least they are working. I am hoping they and ASUS can work out whatever the other problems are shortly. Hope this helps you.

        • megablast16

          Thanks for the reply. Everything I’ve tried to get the sound back hasn’t worked, I forgot to mention I can get sound through headphones but I don’t want to be tethered to my laptop every time I want to listen to audio. Don’t know what to do now, guess I’ll just have to hope ASUS or MS release an update to fix the problem.

      • Alvar

        I suggest reverting back to Windows 7 because there are no solutions.
        This issue has been there since Windows 8 and no-one had a fix for it either:

        • megablast16

          Yeah that’s what I’ve done, as I said everything that’s been suggested to fix it hasn’t worked, not for me anyway, and I can’t do without sound so I’ve switched back.

    • Daniël Oosterhuis

      It seems ASUS really got it bad. What laptop have you got? My N551JX also had annoyances that made me roll back to 8.1 temporarily to prepare for a clean install. The sound for me stutters every now and then without any change in system resource usage (extremely low), finicky WiFi (the WiFi of this laptop definitely isn’t the best, but it wasn’t dropping the signal in 8.1 from the same spot on my desk), and graphical errors that weren’t corrected by re-installing drivers (Start menu doesn’t come up, just a glass-looking box where it’s supposed to be, among other clunky stuff). The upgrade process definitely isn’t stable enough. I never ran into these issues before on my custom built ASUS P5Q/Core 2 Quad Q6600 based machine in the Preview of 10, which is far older hardware than the i7 based laptop.

      • Richard Sikkink

        To be honest I forget what the model is, and I am on my phone now. It was their top of the line gaming computer at the time, I don’t do gaming but a lot of photo editing and also stock trading over several monitors. I wanted the video card with separate memory and cpu plus I wanted the ability to put in lots of memory. I have been very happy with it overall, I had mostly HP before this and have had far fewer problems with this one. I like the power in a laptop because I am often on the road 3 to 4 days a week and having pretty much the ability of a desk top. Noticed this morning before packing up the update today had given a few more settings options. My microphone for some reason worked poorly on Cortana

  • Younus Baporia

    So, I am currently using ASUS K42F Series laptop and the update is here. Should I upgrade ?

    • Younus Baporia

      Windows 7 at the moment

    • Daniël Oosterhuis

      I did an upgrade on my ASUS N551JX laptop. No lost files, but stuff was too buggy. I’d suggest doing a clean install if you want to upgrade to 10.

      • Azriel Hunter

        windows 10 is buggy, as it is not developed the same way other windows versions are released, and microsoft told us it would be buggy. if you did a clean install, most of the bugs would be the same, although drivers might be installed during the initial install.

        • Daniël Oosterhuis

          Not true, since I just finished clean installing Windows 10 on my laptop after having had a buggy 10 upgraded from 8.1, and I have yet to run in to any of the problems I had before. It runs smoothly now.

      • Steve Greene

        I would suggest Linux its free and its better than this 10 abomination, Did A group of Monkeys program it not to say Monkeys are not Smart It leads you to wonder

        • Daniël Oosterhuis

          I am an user of multiple operating systems, including Linux. I however do not appreciate your OS-snobbery. Each OS has its upsides and downsides. I do not blindly follow one, because I am not a monkey.

    • Anoop

      Please do not upgrade to windows 10 it sucks….could only see the black screen with cursor since past 2 days.

      • Steve Greene

        Your lucky you have a cursor, Im cursing

    • Steve Greene

      NO NO NO

  • justanormalguy

    i am using an asus k46cb with windows 7 home premium. i am planning to upgrade with the media creation tool. my pc works fine right now. can anyone who understands these stuff tell me, what problems i could run into and what can i do to prevent/solve these, and what should i do before the upgrade.. please im so desperate.

    • jfc86

      Don’t upgrade(downgrade)!

  • Stephen Peacock

    Well I had a perfectly working window 7 system till I upgraded to this dog poo called windows 10. Bug meant wouldnt kick off install. Fixed that. Had problems after install where it didn’t recognise my killer ethernet driver so I couldn’t get onto the net. I fixed it. Then problems with it not recognising the graphics card drivers nvidia. Fixed that. After a week, for no reason windows didn’t recognise I had 2 monitors. Rebooted and now have black screen of death. Restarting, resetting doesn’t work and each option makes my pc worse. Thanks Microsoft you useless idiots. Can I bill them for sending me a virus.

    Edge is terrible…..where’s the menu bar!!!!! Where’s my favourites links…grrr

    Looks like I’ll have to reinstall win 7 to fix this dog poo

    • Azriel Hunter

      its not bad, but you need to update all graphics, it took mine 2 hours to download the drivers. also, there is an easy way to revert back to 7

    • Stephen Peacock

      All fixed now. last issue was a graphics driver. fixed and now working. thanks Microsoft for the virus, that’s several hours of my wife wasted due to lousy programming

  • Robert Wraith

    I have a 1yr old dell inspirion laptop, worked perfectly fine before the update, now all it will do is boot for about 15 seconds then try to reboot. have tried everything, even tried reinstalling windows nothing works. microsoft is going to be looking at a class action lawsuit.

  • 2ontrack

    Tried to upgrade from 8.1 to 10. It checked out my pc okay and said was okay.
    It installed until it got to,
    WE’LL RESTART IF FOR YOU (but it didn’t).
    It ran fine on 8.1

    • Azriel Hunter

      thats called a blue screen of death. the restarts aren’t always working, and not necessary to wait.

  • Betty Ahlborn

    Help. Nothing but a partial desktop. Nothing active. No way to use computer. Need number to call

  • Darrin Tyler

    Same. My system won’t even recognize any sort of is disc either on top of it telling me I got no os. It won’t let me install anything onto it either. The hdd is like corrupted or something…..

  • An Vu

    so I upgrades my window 8.1 to window 10, then when I try to restore it , it went into the inaccessible boot device and then keep on restarting, I cant do anything

  • Adam

    I had that missing operating system bug. The problem was that it was trying to read another device. I fixed it by disconnecting all external device and then unplugging my main HDD and reconnecting it. Ran just fine after that. My problem now is that I cannot use my secondary monitor when I try to drag my program to the other screen it shows it going over to the other screen until my pointer hits the edge of my monitor then it wants to go into half screen mode on my primary monitor.

  • Orff

    My desktop keeps reloading like it’s in some sort of a loop. Next my bar at the bottom disappears so I can’t open up any programs except the ones on my desktop. The only way I can shut down my computer is to hit the power button. I’ve tried reinstalling 10 but get the same mess. Don’t know if it is a driver problem or if Windows 10 is sucky. I want 7 back.

    • Richard Salisbury

      I have the same issue. Ctrl alt delete. Hold shift and restart. Go on trouble shoot, advanced settings and click on return to previous operation system. Done. Back to 7.

      • jfc86

        That’s not working for me. Asking for “keyboard layout”, but neither my mouse nor my keyboard are recognized, so I can’t get past that point.
        If I wasn’t asked for user input during installation, why require it now?

  • Mizz Bell

    My computer has been flashing the Windows 10 logo window for 2 hours now. Microsoft has offered to send me a repair CD for $300!!!! I don’t have $300 and had Windows 10 not been free, I would never tried to upgrade! The upgrade should have come with a warning instead they spent tons of advertising money to get me to upgrade “Free” I’ve been bamboozled and this is a major problem since all my work is on this computer.

    • Badger

      I lost EVERYTHING too

    • Azriel Hunter

      you just have to update your BIOS. and first, force turn off, it will go back to 7/8.1 and you can update the BIOS and redownload 10

      • Mizz Bell

        Thank-you very much. I will do that. However, I don’t want to deal with Windows 10 until they’ve fixed all the bugs. Don’t trust it now. Want to get all my documents off the hard drive before I attempt to reinstall any OS. Just want Windows 7 back.

        • Azriel Hunter

          Yes, but in your case, the bug isn’t Windows. I had the same problem on 4 different computers (people pay me to fix their computers) including one of my own. You just have to update your BIOS, as Windows 10 will never work for you otherwise. In fact, WIndows 8 would give you the same issue usually. Also, all operating systems are buggy, its just for this release, Microsoft stopped covering up the bugs so they can get user feedback. Don’t worry, I haven’t found anything hard to deal with in this build, The stuff with bugs are mostly the new things like Cortana, Edge, and the new Windows Update. To add on to that, you also have an option to revert back to 7/8.1 for 30 days after the upgrade.

          I had your problem with 2 of the technical previews, and the final build. I was really annoyed that they wouldn’t work (i left it at the logo overnight). So when it went back to Windows 7 on reboot, I figured out from a product forum that it was the BIOS, ran the quick install, restarted. Unfortunately I had to re-download Windows 10. Once it installed, I was restarted into an update process. Once it was complete, it was in Windows 10, and my graphics card wasn’t immediately recognized, I was stuck with a stretched screen. So I went to Windows Update, and apparently it was already fixing all the driver issues with my computer, including my sound and graphics. After a few restarts to get completely up to date, I proudly use Windows 10. I marked 8/10 on the feedback for my install, as setting up my computer without the latest drivers and a stretched screen was annoying. But my computer is great, and there is no way that I would revert back to 7, as I already automated everything. When people call me via phone, instead of voicemail, I use Cortana!

    • Metis

      This is exactly what I’ve feared, and I see my fears are corroborated by many people. They sure don’t have a good track record for upgrades; now they’re encouraging us to step right into another quicksand swamp. They’re not to be trusted!

  • Louis-Francois D.-V.

    i just upgraded and it got stuck for over an hour on installing softwares…. this may take a moment it said. Well, i had to reboot and it is now able to load Windows with my familiar icons. NOTHING works…. just the mouse. i see a normal Windows screen but Nothing works. I should have wait…. stupid microcrap!

    • Angry Gorilla

      you should have waited

      • Louis-Francois D.-V.

        Yes, i wil … i don’t even think i will install it since the install has not changed…. and i cannot patch “during the install”. Boy, they sure are pushing for it though….

  • Badger

    Well, tried to upgrade to 10, it failed and totally hosed my laptop. Lost EVERYTHING and now the laptop is continually restarting to do an error during restart.
    Thanks MS for a job well done!

    • jhgjhgjhg

      They’ve really screwed up their systems now.

      • Chardz Dy

        It does appear that the age of decepticons is coming

        • Kimberly Ann Timon


  • jhgjhgjhg

    My resolution is knackered, my history and previous settings – gone, my 1st monitor? Not detectable but my second one? Sure. This is rubbish microsoft your shoddy system forced me to have this update. I hate this, I will boycott.

    • Duratok Gorehowl

      OMG, I’m not alone! It did these EXACT things to me, too! So goddamned pissed.

  • www.FastComputer.info

    Currently using a PC or Mac? Quick tip: Don’t panic if it starts going slowly and underperforming. Yes, it is very annoying but most causes of this are easily fixed. The software available on FASTCOMPUTER.INFO is the same that major companies like Apple and Best Buy use to fix their customer’s computer issues. After using this, your PC or Mac will run like new and the program will maintain its performance for you. Just make sure to stay on the top of that clutter!

  • Ash

    my laptop is unusable, stuck in “an operating system wasn’t found” can’t reboot because I have no recovery disk, I think we all need to find a way to sue Microsoft , they have to find a fix for us.

  • Brian Webb

    I installed win 10 and then lost mouse operation.Tried another mouse rebooted many times ,called microsoft help line and they said my usb ports needed new drivers.Managed to restore win 7 and will only update to win 10 only when the free update rolls around.

  • Richard Johnson

    I have 7 computers, only 3 were running Win7 (Linux Mint 17.2 on the others.) I upgraded my home built one, and experienced a little blue circle of death, (little blue circle next to mouse arrow indicating the computer was busy.) Could not click on anything. Waited over 3 hours, and still had the LBCOD. Had to reboot, and finally got a single screen to work, clicked on the GForce screen program, and everything came back OK. Tested it for a week and the system was stable. Went to an Acer Ultrabook and performed the upgrade, everything went perfectly. Then went to my Wife’s PC, an Alienware X51 r2, the newest and most advanced PC we have, and all I have is a brick with a black screen of death. No help from Dell’s forums, and no help from Windows. I have done a full reinstall, losing everything my wife had on her PC and have the same result. I think Microsoft and NVida (The graphic card’s on the home built and the X51 are both NVida.) are the issue here. I have a real problem when a newer high end PC from one of the most prolific PC makers cannot upgrade properly. Now what to do with the Dell/Alienware brick?

  • math4fun

    Unless you need something specific that will only be in the new OS, it is prudent to wait a while for the majority of the issues to be resolved before trying it. I usually move to a new OS when I have to buy a new computer. I let the manufacturer worry about the issues. Of course, it’s also prudent to do a backup of your computer before any major upgrade. I’m surprised that so many folks still take a chance without one, especially with the low costs of an external hard drive.

  • JamesCovey123

    Well, my Win 7 laptop doesn’t have the upgrade button but, judging by some of the horror stories, I think I’ll give Win 10 a miss for the moment.

    I’ve been working on pcs and laptops since 1980, and my experience with Microsoft for most of this time has been fairly negative when it comes to updates and bugs.

    However, I don’t really have much experience with other OSs, so I cannot make comparisons.


    I am on an HP 2000. The major bug I have is that the little dimple in the upper left hand corner of the touchpad does not work. If I do not disable the pad while and inadvertently touch it while typing that typing is interrupted some how. To disable the pad I have a mouse shortcut on desktop so I open and use it to disable the pad functions. I have to do this every time I log on. Although I have Chrome, and it is supposed to remember my passwords for the sites I have registered on, I have to sign in each time for each site, including my Gmail account.

  • Brian South

    Big problem with Asus too. Same thing happened to me and I just updated yesterday from 8.1. After that it was the loop of death and I couldn’t get into safe mode using any typical routes. So during boot up (while the Asus logo is on the screen) I used control-alt-delete to access safe mode and it worked. It was the only way I could get in. Luckily I back everything up so now I’m just resetting back to factory. I’ll try to upgrade again when Microsoft gets this figured out. … Well……maybe. So for anyone else with an Asus, “control-alt-delete” during start up. And hopefully you back up too.

    • likemystory

      I had a very similar issue when I tried updating my Asus from 8 to 8.1 it completely wiped my recovery partition so I couldn’t even force a re install. I contacted Asus who told me it was microsoft’s fault and there fore there responsibility as it was there OS upgrade. When I contacted microsoft they told me it was Asus who should deal with it as it is there hardware and there responsibility and even tried selling me a copy of the Operating system that wiped my laptop..

  • IceMyth

    I have hp laptop, after upgrading to Win10 from Win8.1 it became a nightmare. My laptop freezes, lags, other programs like FireFox became slow in everything. Windows Mail is buggy and does not respond fast or it crashes. I am reverting back to Win8.1, but the problem I know the feature within win10 to go back to old system is crappy from what ppl said. I might decide to try it back after 4+ months, but for sure not anytime soon

    • sputnik99


  • Elaina Wallace

    only thing i have found wrong with Windows 10 is that chrome is buggy and my computer Freezes to the point i have to do a hard restart or it just shuts down on its own. Never had that issue till after i did the Windows 10 install then the install for the first patch of windows 10 they came out with. other then that I have not had any issues I rather like Windows 10…..

  • sputnik99

    the ASUS UX31E is not compatible to Windows 10 (thats what asus says http://www.asus.com/support/FAQ/1013416/ ) how did Randall Keith manage to upgrade to windows 10. Where did he get the drivers? What did the help desk do?

    • Finkployd

      What are you talkin about; I have a UX31E and I installed windows 10 just fine. Only problem (major problem actually) : when I unplug it from the charger it either dies instantly (whereas the batt says 100%) or if I’m lucky 20 min later, still with no warning at all; just dies on me. Worked just fine on win7

      • sputnik99

        thanks for sharing that. I just said, what I read on asus.com. Battery issues don’t encourage me to update at the moment. It seems Asus stopped any updates and support for this model. No new drivers anymore.

        • scotter98

          Not happy to hear that ASUS might have stopped support. I love that Zenbook, and have loved ASUS products for years. If their support is going away, I’ll be looking elsewhere.

      • sputnik99

        this problem is severe enough for me to not upgrading

      • John White

        Hi Finkployd. I am having this exact same problem with the same laptop and didn’t know what the issue was. Even bought a new battery. Is this a W10 issue and is there any fix other than going back to W7? Thanks

        • Finkployd

          Hi John, the solution I came up with was to buy an ipad pro and after the first 3 awkward days, it’s now hands down the best computer I ever had.
          I still use the asus sometimes…when the battery of both my ipad and my mobile are dead and there’s nothing on TV or netflix. Basically not so often; and it’s a shame bc I really liked it before W10.

          • John White

            Hi, thanks for the response although not really what I was hoping to hear 🙁

          • Finkployd

            🙂 I know, sorry.
            You should have a month to revert to W7, if you’re still in that time period I suggest you do it asap

  • Katie Patterson

    When I tried to upgrade, it paused at 32% and was paused on it for hours. I had to turn off my computer and turn it back on. I keep retrying it and it still does the same thing.

  • Jill Anderson

    I have brand new ACER DESK TOP computer … after installing windows 10 I can NOT boot at all using the ( restart in windows ) … I have to use the shut down and then click on the start button on the desktop computer it’s self to boot ( That boot’s very fast ) –> I said I have a new computer –> The reason I have a new computer is my last 1 year old ( again ACER ) computer failed when I did the windows upgrade and I can not boot at all ( error message from windows ) so I bought a new computer FxxK !!! … This is BS … I WANT A FREAKING WINDOWS SYSTEM RESTORE CD like computers use to have so I can do a system restore on my first computer and do a new partition with just windows installed. Fxxk Acer and Fxxk windows! I am returning my new ACER I bought today back to the store and try again buying another brand of computer Fxxk

    • Rob Owsianyk

      Call Acer they can send you a USB stick that will give you a fresh install. I think it was $60-80.

  • Matt the Vett Man

    Was working fine the first two days. Then it reset and I lost all my passwords and had to reinstall all my apps. Then the next day it had an update screen that locked it at 32%. I removed the battery (It would not even shut down properly) and it ran fine the remainder of the day. The next day it did the same thing except that when it blue screened me and told me that it had encountered an issue and needed to shut down. I deleted the security system that the notice told me was at issue and loaded Windows security system. Then it black screened with only a cursor in the corner and a keyboard that is locked. I was pleased for the firs 24 hours. Now if they give me grief at the Windows store by my house I will LINUX the computer and badmouth windows until I am dead.
    This is my living Windows, I make my living from this device, you are costing my family money.

  • Sean P Murphy

    Worked just fine on my ASUS TP500L. It also worked correctly on my Windows 7 Toshiba laptop that is 7 years old and my wife’s Lenovo desktop which was running windows 7. I’m betting the problem is compressed hard drives or compressed images on hard drives.

  • Steven Palmer

    my ASUS motherboard took the upgrade fine, but I custom build my computers… always have…

  • Tony Kinsey

    msi windows 7 upgrade didn’t work now wont restore back to 7 stuck in a loop help.

  • Metis

    I won’t be risking my 5 year old HP Pavilion happily running on Windows 7 ! I create complex PowerPoint presentations to project from this computer and I would NEVER risk destroying my trusty computer. I found a way to eliminate Microsoft’s continual interference about upgrading, by the way. Now a window no longer pops up to bother me. I hear they won’t be shutting down Windows 7 anytime soon. I hope that’s correct.

  • Burnie

    Don’t upgrade to 10. I reserved my free upgrade and I upgraded my desktop from Window 7 – 64 lost most of my programs and locked out of data files with local accounts being overwritten. Seems Windows 10 took my Laptop 8.1 data and transferred it to my desk top system. Would not let me uninstall. Talked to Microsoft about it they asked for my windows 7 serial number and then told me that it was not a valid serial number. Such BS. I purchased it from Comp USA / Tiger Direct local store. Still have box and receipt, yet they insist that it is an invalid code. These people need to be investigated by the Federal Government and every state for consumer fraud. Can’t get rid of it with out a clean install the would wipe out my data. Microsoft help desk is useless refereed me to Windows 8 for claiming ownership of the locked files. BOGUS! DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 10.

  • tmaddison

    Too easy. Run an image of the machine first. Blow the image back on if you have a problem with the upgrade. You should always have an image of your boot partition anyway….

  • Ivy

    I am not an anti-Microsoft user, in fact I have been a Windows user all my life (and I am old enough to have seen Windows since it was first launched), so my criticism is not biased by any anti-Microsoft attitude.

    But I have to say that Windows 10 has been one of the worst updates I have seen so far!!

    In my case, with two Hewlett Packard machines (a laptop and a laptop-tablet hybrid), I got major audiovisual-related problems, starting with sound codecs and, of course, video codecs.

    Now, I have been doing my own IT support for years to know how to fix some problems, but in this case I have not been able to fix video compatibility problems, like not being able to get either sound or image (or both) when playing some video formats, like .mp4. I had to spend hours researching on the web how to be able to see and hear my desktop again on my HD TV via HDMI.

    This really sucks, because Windows should automatically take care of these problems, not leave it up to savvy PC users to look for solutions. And Windows’ troubleshooting tool sucks big time, it never solves anything.

    So I think I am going back to Windows 8.1, which, even with its strange changes from previous versions, at least was a lot more stable and trouble-less.

    Who runs Microsoft to have so little vision of changing things that work? Are programmers in Microsoft living in an ivory tower that they think Windows is a system only for programming geniuses or what?

    Operating systems should be created in a way that even the least IT savvy user can install it and use it without so much tampering around.

  • Bradjm

    I’ve had one laptop encounter the same issue and now a mates has, the HDD can’t even be read in hdd cradle

  • Dave R Scott

    My laptop got trashed with the windows 10 upgrade Bios will not show at the moment

  • Kiwi Hobbits

    I have an HP Elite Book 8640 that is now a giant paperweight. After the update I got an error message and couldn’t edit any of my files because I didn’t have rights. Two calls to Microsoft and promised Tier 2 escalations resulted in no call backs and more than a day of my life wasted. I finally fixed the issue but granting myself full admin rights at root. Why did I have to do this on my own computer and I am the only user?

    In mid-August Microsoft rolls out an update and it bricks my laptop. Starts up and logs in but then just sits, nothing works. Windows X opens a screen and I can do a few basic functions but nothing else. Recover is impossible.Task Manager says the CPU is at 100 percent but nothing is running. Shut down all services except ones that it refused but still nothing. Two more calls to Microsoft with promises of call 2 days later from Tier 2 that never came (Thank you and fuck you Justin at Microsoft Case #1298768708 for not following up, you suck as a supervisor…and yes, you have a boss, you are at the top of the Microsoft food chain).

    Goal now is to recover my files somehow so I can buy a Mac and forget this nightmare. Should have known if Microsoft offered something for free it was because it sucked so bad no one would pay for it.

  • Armando Arrazola

    2 days ago I installed windows 10. Shortly after, running updates and trying to restart the PC. It started that booting loop. Would try to start up, I get ASUS logo, and would shut down and restart itself. After a few times it allowed me to enter windows recover system. Which I had to do several refresh the PC and restored it to Factory, which reverted it back from Windows 10 to Windows 8. What a pain, I had to redo all the windows updates and carefully or it would just crash. I’ve finally been able to get it functioning semi properly, it still very slow. Funny thing is… Asus doesn’t seem to have a warning or status of why ASUS PCs are having issues or that they are trying to resolve it with Microsoft.

    Model: ASUS Desktop PC M70AD Series

    • Nicolas Lepage-Dussault

      Got the same problem as yours … At first, I tried to contact Microsoft and they said it was not their fault and I had to contact Asus … When I contacted Asus, they told me that they don’t recommend people with Asus computers to not install Windows 10. If only I knew.

      Thank god I backed up my data and now I am running Windows 8,1 again et surely not going back to Windows 10 !

  • Jay Dillon

    windows 10 home warned me that windows defender is turned off, but they do not give me an option or method to turn it back on. i want to go there and wring them up.

  • spineshank155

    Anytime i let windows 10 update my computer it locks up. Can’t use it and i have to do a restore. It works fine just as long as i block the updates, but then my PC isn’t secure. Went back to Windows 7. W10 is really buggy and it was stupid for MS to force updates.

    • Brayden Fraser

      I tried going back and the Boot Device isn’t registering. It won’t let me do anything. I tell everyone who wants to go to 10 not to. Had internet issues, lagging issues (with using basic functions once I managed to connect) then that blue screen crap.

  • Anjan Banerjee

    Those all who are Windows sufferers, my advice to them; kick out Windows from your Laptops and desktops and install a Linux distro, that offers you a LTS (long term support) edition. I have a HP pavilion DV6 laptop and had suffered a lot with pre-loaded windows 7 that came with it. It left me without supports ( no updates are installing after upgrade) after updating and started crashing frequently. I cleaned my HDD from all windows crap and installed Linux Mint Cinnamon. Believe me, if you are not dead dependent on windows specific softwares, then will feel the fresh breeze.

    Of course my laptop had some initial glitches, like brightness controls, battery drain in switched off state for active LAN port etc; but the support forum for Ubuntu and mint helped me to get out of these. The support forum almost has all solutions for your problems.
    I only miss a free and good pdf editor like adobe or foxit.

  • ppmukherjee

    Battery draining @10% in 24 hours in full shutdown position in my Toshiba Portege laptop is the only problem I am facing since Windows 10 install. Tried all tricks of power management but of no use. Anybody facing this situation may revert back.Waiting for Windows / Intel update if there is any, for solving this serious issue.

  • ppmukherjee

    Battery draining @10% in 24 hours in full shutdown position in my Toshiba Portege laptop is the only problem I am facing since Windows 10 install. Tried all tricks of power management but of no use. Anybody facing this situation may revert back.Waiting for Windows / Intel update if there is any, for solving this serious issue.

  • Rob Owsianyk

    I have 2 Acers the upgrade has taken out both of them needed new hard drive with in 2 weeks of the install. I get Acer to send me a USB With windows 8.1 on it fix them both 2 days later one dies it will not power up at all. Thank you Windows for turning my computers in to paper weights.

  • Frank

    Please please .. Exactly the same problem happened with Randall Keith. I don’t want to loose my data. Is there a solution?