Where have you been? Your Timeline on Google Maps can show you

They say there’s no going back, but Google Maps’ new Your Timeline view just showed me where I was on certain days in December 2012. (Up to no good, what else.)

Google is rolling out the offering — basically information previously available to its users, repackaged into a map of memories — to desktop and Android users who let Google track their locations. It can also incorporate Google Photo users’ photos into the timeline. It’s like checking in wherever you go — like some do on Facebook — except automatically. The company said in a blog post Tuesday that the company hopes users find it “a valuable and helpful tool as you explore the world around you.”

Well, sure. People who want to be able to retrace their steps, recall the name of certain restaurants and use Your Timeline as a resource will find it helpful. But some people will find it creepy. There’s a remedy for that: Don’t let Google track your location. (Click the settings icon at the bottom of the map, which offers options to pause or delete location data. It also allows you to edit places, get rid of certain days you’d rather forget, etc.)

Google says the information is private and available only when a user is logged in. But those who really are up to no good might want to note that law enforcement and spying types can compel Google to release user information if they get a court order.


Above: Screenshot from Google Maps blog


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