Twitter’s Communications Chief Gabriel Stricker steps down amid leadership shake-up

Another high-ranking Twitter executive is leaving the flock.

Twitter’s Chief Communications Officer Gabriel Stricker, who joined the company in 2012 from Google, confirmed on the microblogging site Thursday that he was stepping down.

Stricker is among a string of high-ranking Twitter executives, including CEO Dick Costolo and Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategy Rishi Garg, who have left the company in the last year.

The company, which has been criticized for failing to tell its own story, has been facing a growing amount of pressure to meet Wall Street’s expectations, grow the number of new users and roll out new features fast enough this year.

“It continues to be essential that we show the world the value of Twitter. Communications is a key component of that, and to help build toward a stronger future, we are looking now to shift our communications strategy and direction. We will be bringing in new leadership, and we thank Gabriel for his contributions,” a Twitter spokesperson said in a statement.

The spokesperson declined to provide more details on how Twitter plans to shift its communications strategy and direction.

Meanwhile, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is leading the company as Twitter’s interim CEO while the board of directors searches for a permanent CEO.  Dorsey, who started as interim CEO in July, thanked Stricker for his work at Twitter on Thursday.

Photo Credit: A screenshot of Gabriel Stricker’s Twitter profile.


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