Twitter introduces new celebrity ‘collections’ and dedicated product pages

Ellen DeGeneres can now recommend underwear to you on Twitter.

In order to connect users with relevant information and tweets about products they love, Twitter’s latest features include celebrity- and brand-curated “collections” and dedicated pages for products and places.

“You’ll be able to browse rich collections from influencers you care about and get more information about the products or places you find interesting,” the company said in a blog post.

Users can view a curated list of recommended products by certain celebrities and brands, including Nike, Target, Ariana Grande, and others. Rather unsurprisingly, the items in these collections are incredibly self-promotional, as Nike’s “LeBron Elite collection” showcases Nike’s latest LeBron James line of products, and Ariana Grande’s “My Everything” collection includes her latest album and branded apparel. The notion that these collections will do anything more than give celebrities and brands a further platform for advertising is disingenuous, and the tongue-in-check description for Ellen DeGeneres’s “Best of The Ellen Shop,” where users can find Ellen-branded underwear, acknowledges this fact.

“I didn’t think Twitter could get any better, but now you can tweet & shop for Ellen underwear at the same time,” the description says. “That’s what I call progress.”

Twitter has also introduced new dedicated product and place pages, where users can find images, videos, descriptions, relevant tweets, and an option to buy the products they’re interested in. One such page is for Andy Weir’s hit novel “The Martian,” where users can join the conversation surrounding the book.

Though Twitter is searching for a new CEO, these features  are part of a larger initiative to further Twitter’s already extensive advertising business, as reported by The Guardian.

Photo: Example Twitter collections shared by Demi Lovato and Nike, Courtesy of Twitter’s official blog


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