Sprint stops throttling data usage in compliance with net neutrality

Sprint has stopped throttling data speeds for the network’s heaviest data users in compliance with the FCC’s new net neutrality rules that went into effect last Friday, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The FCC has previously stopped Internet providers from slowing speeds, but the new rules cover mobile for the first time. Though Sprint said it believes this policy would still have been allowed under the new regulations, the company says it has revoked the policy just in case. The move came just days before the FCC fined AT&T of $100 million after determining that AT&T has been misleading customers about its unlimited mobile data plans.

Sprint announced last year that it would be slowing data speeds for customers who “consume a disproportionate share of network resources and cause a negative user experience for the rest.” This affected only the top 5 percent of data users, Sprint said.

“Sprint doesn’t expect users to notice any significant difference in their services now that we no longer engage in the process,” a Sprint spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

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