Snoop Dogg wants to be Twitter’s next CEO

The shock of Dick Costolo stepping down as CEO of Twitter has quickly been replaced by speculation as to who might lead it next.

Interim CEO Jack Dorsey has sidestepped questions about whether he wants to take the job permanently. Will it be someone from Facebook? Someone from the media world?

One underdog (err, underdogg?) candidate wasted no time throwing his hat into the ring. Rapper Snoop Dogg posted this on Twitter on Thursday:

Off to a good start, because indeed, getting that moolah should be the next CEO’s main task.

Come on, Snoop as CEO . . . it’s not such a crazy idea. We do live in a place that voted The Terminator to be governor.

Keep in mind that Snoop is a social media maven (12.3 million Twitter followers, 5.2 million Instagram followers), funds startups, is an investor in Reddit (alongside Marc Andreessen and Peter Thiel) and is (for real) looking to become a full-fledged tech mogul. And he’s also no stranger to pivoting a stagnant business model (from street gangster to beloved multimillionaire entertainer/entrepreneur, anyone?).

Using the the hashtag #IfSnoopWasTwitterCEO, fans around the world were inspired (for a little while at least, before they went back to smoking pot) to come up with other changes he would bring to the company:

Hey, at the very least, CEO Snoop Dogg might make quarterly earnings calls more interesting.


At top: In this March 20, 2015 file photo, rapper Snoop Dogg takes part in the “Keynote Conversation with Snoop Dogg” at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. (Jack Plunkett/Invision via AP, File)


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  • Jamie Diamond

    Snoop is aiming way too low – Ted Cruise vs. Snoop Doggie-Dog in a globally televised presidential debate moderated by Steven Colbert = genius! Snoop 4 Prez 2016!