Exclusive: Periscope users conference set for SF, NYC as app expands to Android

Fans of the live-video streaming app Periscope can rejoice not for one but two reasons this week.

Periscope, which Twitter purchased in January is now available on Android about two months after the app made its debut on the iPhone.

The app allows people to broadcast live video, interact on the video with messages and hearts, replay the videos and follow users and was released shortly after another live-streaming app Meerkat came on the scene.

Since then, actors, musicians, comedians and other celebrities such as former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ringo Starr from the The Beatles have used the service to broadcast live videos.

The app has attracted so many fans that Ryan Bell, blogger and editor of The Good Men Project, and Jamie Grumet, known for a provocative 2012 TIME Magazine cover photo showing her breastfeeding her son, have teamed up with comedian Bradley Laborman to host a conference for Periscope users.

The conference is scheduled to be held in New York from September 22 to 25 and then in San Francisco from Jan. 14 to 16.

“We’re making so many connections on Periscope that we want to take it to real life,” said Cathy Hackl, a spokeswoman for the Periscope Summit.

Organizers are still trying to finalize a venue for the gatherings, but said that some of the panel discussions and workshops in New York will include tips for branding yourself and how nonprofits can use the app along with discussions with women leaders and musicians on Periscope.

The event in San Francisco will mainly center around an awards ceremony for Periscope users. A website for the summit is expected to launch at the end of this week and tickets will then go in sale through Eventbrite.

“We’re trying to build this big celebration for this awesome community,” Bell said.

Hackl said that they’ve also reached out to Periscope and Twitter about the conference.

“Those talks are in the initial phase,” she said.

With Periscope making it’s Android debut this week, she expects there will be a lot of interest from the public in attending the conference.

Though the company has not released its user numbers, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has said that more than one million people signed up for the iOS version of Periscope in the first ten days of the app’s launch.

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