Twitter boots conservative rabble-rouser Chuck Johnson

Twitter appears to be flexing its muscle when it comes to abusive and threatening tweets.

Over the weekend, the social network suspended a Twitter account belonging to Charles C. Johnson, the far-right blogger, according to Mashable.

In recent months, Twitter has stepped up its enforcement of abusive threats, as we wrote about recently in a post.

Recode pointed out in a post over the weekend about Johnson, that in Twitter’s most recent policy update about abuse, the firm referred to threats that violated its policy in a general way. The firm did not use phrases like “direct” and “specific” when describing problematic threats, as it had in the past.

That change appears to reflect the firm’s desire to have more leeway when cracking down on abuse.

From his @ChuckCJohnson account, Johnson tweeted on Sunday a call for funds for “taking out” DeRay McKesson, a civil rights activist.

McKesson responded:

In a post on his blog Got News, Johnson noted that while he is trending on Twitter, he is blocked on Twitter. Three of his other Twitter accounts have been suspended, and his lawyer has sent Twitter a letter threatening legal action, Pando Daily reports.

Johnson told Recode that his tweet about McKesson wasn’t meant as a threat. He said he received an email Monday from Twitter saying that his account would not be restored.

Above: Twitter’s image. (LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images). 


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  • Hal Jalikakik

    Meanwhile the #killallmen hashtag is alive and well and sanctioned by Twitter….

    • OrangeCountyCA2

      Oh be quiet tool. Twitter handled it appropriately. It’s a harsh fact that right-wingers are a million times more vitriolic and more threatening than progressives.

      • IReadit3

        I have found the most irrational, angry and petulant people to be “progressives” hands down.