Hillary Clinton aiming to lock up Silicon Valley support

One sign of Hillary Clinton’s growing footprint in Silicon Valley is that she has made more money in speaking fees from the tech industry over the past 18 months than from any other sector, according to an analysis by the Washington Post.

Since January 2014, the former secretary of state and contender for the Oval Office, has earned $11.7 million on the speaking circuit. Of that, the tech industry has paid her $3.2 million, the Post reported. Other top industries where Clinton has spoken are health care and financial services.

Clinton has appeared at eBay, Salesforce.com and Qualcomm. As the Post story notes, tech leaders have also shown their support for her presidential bid. EBay CEO John Donahoe and his wife, Eileen, held one of the first fundraisers for Clinton after she announced she would run. Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s CEO, has given to Ready for Hillary, a super PAC.

Clinton earned $625,000 for one day’s work from the industry, first from speaking at a conference in San Francisco sponsorsed by Nexenta Systems. She also was interviewed by Cisco CEO John Chambers at a sales conference in Las Vegas, the Post said.

In the 2008 campaign, then-candidate Barack Obama captured the early support of Silicon Valley Democratic money.

This time around, Clinton is making to mark her territory, tweeting one day last summer:

Above: Hillary Clinton signs her new book “Hard Choices” at the Common Good Books store in St. Paul, Minn., Sunday, July 20, 2014. (Jerry Holt/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)




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  • Manang Boy

    If Hillary address the SV elites this year she should concentrate on:

    1.) KEEPING JOBS IN THE US. This would mean a modification to H1B visas and trade and IP agreements for worldwide markets. None of us want to see our jobs continue to become outsourced. We need a president who will stop this ‘hemmorhage’.

    2.) Strengthen and develop unionism in SV jobs. Developers are not unionized. This is part of the reason H1B thrives.

    3.) Subsidies for students who study not just STEM, but informational technologies in California. There is no reason young Californians would not be able to find work in tech because of lack of skill. Tech programs in community colleges should be supported to make it accessible to more students.

    4.) Address the pay gap between males and females who work at similar specialties and have same skill and experience. Address this directly in addition to the HUGE pay gap between developers and management and non-developer and operations workers. A company like Apple and Google should be able to pay more to essential operational personnel that is close to what programmers make.

    5.) Vote Hillary. I am ready.