Intel no longer reporting mobile earnings separately

Intel confirmed Tuesday that it won’t be reporting mobile earnings separately from now on.

There were only losses in mobile last year, as the Santa Clara chip giant essentially spent $4.21 billion on customer discounts to persuade tablet and smartphone makers to use Intel processors. The move helped Intel gain market share in the challenging mobile computing business.

Intel says it will “improve mobile profitability” by $800 million this year, and will explain how next week.

But mobile will no longer be broken out in earnings, instead being tucked inside a new Client Computing Group made up of notebook PCs, 2 in 1 laptop-tablets, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, mobile products and wireless and wired products.

Intel said “the new group was created to address all aspects of the client computing market segment and utilize Intel’s intellectual property to offer compelling customer solutions.”

Other groups are: Data Center; Internet of Things; Software and services; which includes McAfee security software; and Non-volatile memory solutions, which includes various memory products.

Intel reports earnings April 14.

Photo: Intel employees walk around the company’s headquarters in Santa Clara on Sept. 5, 2006. (Joanne Ho-Young Lee/Mercury News)


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