On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in the world of tech.

Facebook to test Aquila, its solar-powered drone that it hopes will one day bring Internet access, this summer.

Apple CEO Tim Cook plans to give away all his money to charity. Well, after paying for his nephew’s college education.

Yahoo adds $2 billion to its stock buyback; shares are up more than 1.5 percent.

Google loses bid to block U.K. users’ breach-of-privacy lawsuit over tracking cookies in Safari browser.

Which tech companies do computer-science majors most want to work for, according to new survey? Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Facebook, in that order.

The latest round of funding for Slack, the San Francisco-based provider of workplace-collaboration tools, reportedly values it at $2.8 billion.

It’s confirmed: DoorDash, the takeout-delivery app, has raised $40 million in round led by Kleiner Perkins.

Police departments are opening up “safe lots” for people to carry out Craigslist transactions.

The United Nations’ top human rights body has appointed a special investigator to probe digital spying.

Amazon reportedly makes temp workers sign 18-month non-compete agreements.


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  • tomaras

    RE: The companies graduates want to work for. The linked article says Microsoft is #2 yet you left that out of your summary?

    • Levi Sumagaysay

      Inadvertent omission, thank you for pointing it out.