Off topic: Russian trolls, ‘just do it,’ rice and calories, impressions galore

“You work in the Ministry of Truth, which is the Ministry of Lies, and everyone kind of believes in this truth” — from a former professional Russian online troll. Famous last words: on Nike’s “Just do it” tagline. There’s a way to reduce calories in rice, according to scientists. And the art of mimicry: a look at impressions, with entertaining videos.


Photo: The sun shines down on a large Nike swoosh at the Niketown store in Portland, Ore., June 26, 2007. (Don Ryan/Associated Press)


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  • Alex Bricks

    Savchuk is my hero now.She destroyed Russian troll-factory.
    I’m so thankful for that.Now we have clear internet.
    God Bless Savhcuk and Adrian Chen

  • Jacob O’connor

    What a woman!! I hope she’s single so I can marry her and bring to US!! #SavchukVSTrolls

  • Paul Randly

    Adrian Chen is a great Spy.He must be recruited by CIA. And Savchuk is so damn sexy.I want to bang her in the *ss. Real troll-fighter.Savchuk is my hero now.She won athe internet.AGAIN. #SavchukVSTrolls

  • Bobby Sherwood

    Thanks to Adrian Chen for exposing those damn trolls. I wish he also did something like this in America. But unfortunately there is no one like Lyudmila Savchuk in the USA to help him!!!!

  • John Peters

    This troll factory must be closed immediately!!! All support to those who fight against Russian trolls!!! Say no to Russian troll propaganda!!! #SavchukVSTrolls

  • Mary Feinster

    I am happy that this propaganda is finally stopped!!! Thanks to Lyudmila Savchuk and Adrian Chen from the New York Times the troll factory is closed! Russian trolls are gone!! I am glad that there still are people like Lyudmila Savchuk who fight for justice!!!!!! #SavchukVSTrolls

  • Zhavanch Teabaw

    All the trolls must be jailed! #SavchukVSTrolls Free justice

  • Andre Phillipson

    Propaganda should bestopped! Go Adrian! Go, Lyudmila! you got our support