Google’s 230 visits to White House

Google employees have visited the White House about 230 times during the Obama administration, which amounts to roughly once a week, according to a Wall Street Journal investigation that examines the company’s close relationship with the U.S. executive branch.

The story (subscription required) detailed a number of specific visits, including one by co-founder Larry Page to meet with Federal Trade Commission officials about an antitrust probe that was later dropped. The Journal also got a copy of about half of that probe (every other page) and posted it online. The FTC has declined to release the full report.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt was also a frequent visitor, including “on Nov. 6, 2012, the night of Mr. Obama‚Äôs re-election, (when he) was personally overseeing a voter-turnout software system for Mr. Obama,” the paper reported.

Above: AP photo




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