Google, Intel, TAG Heuer to make luxury smartwatch

Google is taking aim at Apple’s smartwatch with some fancy wristcandy designed by Swiss watchmaker TAG Heuer and powered by an Intel processor.

In a product announcement at the Baselworld trade show in Switzerland Thursday, the three companies said the collaboration “will create a product that is both luxurious and seamlessly connected to its wearer’s daily life.”

The watch will be released later in the year.

Apple has already announced its own watch, including a luxury version selling for $17,000.

Google said the collaboration “signifies a new era of craftsmanship between Swiss watchmakers and Silicon Valley.”

The watch will be designed and made by Tag Heuer. It runs on an Intel system on a chip using Google’s Android Wear platform.

Google’s David Singleton, director of engineering for Android Wear, said the team will “bring a unique blend of emotion and innovation to the luxury market. Together, and using the Android Wear platform, we can imagine a better, beautiful, smarter watch.”

Photo: Left to right: Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer Director General Guy Semon, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, Intel’s new device general manager Michael Bell and Google’s engineering director for Android Wear David Singleton pose with Swiss cheese on March 19, 2015 in Basel during an announcement of a smartwatch partnership between the three companies.


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  • MarkS2002

    Hmmmm. Great idea. I wonder where it came from?

    • Guest

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    • JJose

      From Pebble, the first smart watch or the Samsung Galaxy Gear? What say?

      • MarkS2002

        Of course, the luxury Gear. How did I miss that?

  • Anonymous

    Bringing Android on board only cheapens the Tag Heuer brand. Definitely not a well thought out decision. It’s a decision driven by panic brought about by Apple Watch.

    • MarkS2002

      While it is fitting, given the history, that they would jump on the Android bandwagon, it does seem Samsung whiteboard like. Putting my sarcastic impulse aside, it will be interesting if anyone out of this nest of developers can solve the sensor problems that Apple has brought forward. Best, I think, would be if a new generation of sensors were developed by a separate company that can license to all and head off the inevitable rounds of theft, patents, and lawsuits that will otherwise accrue. I would like to see what could come of health monitoring if the creative impulses were directed towards outcomes, rather than hardware wars. Oh, God, am I becoming a Droidsters?