On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Tuesday menu.

President Obama criticizes Chinese government’s desire to gain backdoors access to U.S. tech products. But you might remember that the U.S. wants the same thing.

Huawei is planning a big push to sell phones and wearables in the U.S. Huawei is the Chinese tech company that U.S. legislators identified as a potential security threat a few years ago.

Google’s Titan drones to launch within a few months. The drones will be used as atmospheric satellites, part of Google’s plan to provide Internet access to remote areas of the world.

A week after unveiling Pebble Time, Pebble introduces the high-end Pebble Time Steel.

Facebook’s Oculus lures away Google X exec Mary Lou Jepsen.

Connecticut AG is investigating Lenovo over Superfish adware that was preinstalled on the company’s laptops.

Edward Snowden still wants to return to the United States, one of his lawyers reportedly said at a news conference.


Photo of Edward Snowden from AFP/Getty Images archives


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