On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s going on in the world of tech:

HP to buy Aruba Networks for $2.7 billion.

ISIS calls for the killing of Twitter executives and employees over blocked accounts.

Google’s mobile network rolling out in the U.S. in the “coming months.”

Intel is now shipping new chips for low-cost mobile phones. It first announced the chip, Sofia, in 2013.

Speaking of chips, here’s a big deal: NXP Semiconductors, Freescale Semiconductor in $40 billion merger. The combined company will dominate the industrial and auto chip markets.

Intel and Ericsson are teaming up to help network operator customers build data centers.

ICYMI, White House unveiled a privacy bill Friday, and what do you know, no one is happy.


Photo by Kirstina Sangsahachart/DailyNews


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