Facebook developing virtual-reality apps that it says even Beyoncé will use

Facebook users who share a message, photo or video in the future could be seeing their experiences through a virtual-reality headset.

“You’ll do it. Beyoncé  will do it,” said Chris Cox, Facebook’s Chief Product Officer during Re/code’s media and technology conference on Tuesday.

Cox told Re/code that the company is working on virtual-reality apps, but did not get into the details. It’s a technology that would allow social media users to send a “fuller immersive picture” of what they’re doing, he said.

In March, the social media company purchased Oculus VR, the creators of a virtual reality headset for gaming, for $2 billion.

But it will be “a while” before users experience Facebook through virtual reality.

“We’re a long way away from everybody having those headsets,” Cox said.

Photo Credit: Jeff Chiu/AP


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