iOS 8.2 beta offers clues about Apple Watch

As Apple released another beta version of its iOS 8.2 software, savvy techies unearthed a few clues about what will make the upcoming Apple Watch tick.

The latest beta version of the software underscores just how closely Apple’s long-awaited timepiece will work with its powerhouse phone. Tech blog 9to5Mac spotted that the beta version of the software shows that the iPhone’s Bluetooth settings will contain a panel for pairing the gadget with the watch. The settings also make clear that Apple will release a dedicated Apple Watch app for controlling the gadget.

One in-depth preview of the watch noted that Apple appears to have pushed much of the Apple Watch’s processing off onto the iPhone, likely conserving the timepiece’s battery life, which tech pundits have long flagged as one potential pitfall. Apple CEO Tim Cook said at the WSJD Live conference in October that Apple Watch users would wind up charging the device daily.

Anticipation for the Apple Watch is mounting as the product’s release date nears. Apple has said that it will release the watch, its first brand-new product since the iPad, in early 2015; 9to5Mac reports the gadget is scheduled to ship in March. The tech blog reports that Apple Store employees will receive training around the watch in mid-February. Meanwhile, developers have been preparing as well since Apple debuted WatchKit, a set of tools for app-makers, in November.

Above: The latest beta version of iOS 8.2 offers insight into how the upcoming Apple Watch will work. 



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