Quoted: Yes, AMD’s Lisa Su is a female CEO

“I’ve heard that.”

Lisa Su, AMD CEO, on the fact that she’s the first female chief executive of a major semiconductor company. In an interview with Fortune, Su says she’s “honored by it,” but that it’s more important to her “that when you grade AMD, whether it’s three years from now or five years from now, you grade it on that this was a fantastic set of assets that she turned into something special.”

In the Fortune interview, the MIT-educated Su — who was named CEO of Sunnyvale-based Advanced Micro Devices in October after being COO — sounded excited about the growing connectedness of everyday things.

“Fifty billion devices will be connected together… you’ll have PCs and cars and more, and all of them need computing and visualization,” she said. “That’s what we do.”

Su said she wants AMD to work with customers from the get-go to give them something they want and need. “The history of the company is that we’ve been second source to other people. I think we really need to change that.”

Su’s comments come amid talk about diversifying the Silicon Valley tech workforce, with Intel announcing this week that it is investing $300 million in its own effort to do just that.


Photo of Lisa Su from AMD


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    AMD is the stock that everyone with the exception of myself will
    miss out on. Going lower?, I hope so. One of the top five tech
    stocks of the future. Not worried at all about the 1/20 earnings
    report. My daughter is a recent MS graduate of finance. She
    calls me on the daily to remind me to abandon the stock. I simply
    remind her of the days when I was told to abandon her. She,s
    about to learn another lesson.

  • Dan Mayberry

    I have been invested in AMD for what seems to try my patience. Appears AMD is always been playing “catchup” with its technology/products. Are they getting any closer to being out front? Until they are, my few shares are going to grow moss.


      There’s a lot of negativity in circulation about AMD. Granted, their not Intel but they don’t have to be. The trading volume has not changed at all from 4.25 to 2.60. Speaks volumes to me. Patience is the key formula for AMD. Treat it
      like a growth stock and you’ll be rewarded. You don’t compare a company like
      this to who you may consider to be it’s peers. That will cause confusion and
      you will will miss out on them hitting the 5.25 mark mid-summer. Allow them to

    • B cole

      I wouldn’t call it catchup when they got the contracts from sony play station and Xbox. This company needs a few years to restructure and drop some dead weight in over head , costs and personal to get there margins more attractive. You can day trade it for profits along the way or go long for few years and be smiling when they hit double digits, Or do both. It’s coming.


        B Cole u are right own point.