Quoted: Watching not because you like it, but…

“My favorite part about the “Interview” kerfuffle is watching Serious People engage with a lowbrow stoner comedy for the first time.”

— Marc Andreessen, venture capitalist, in a tweet Friday. The controversial movie “The Interview” appears to be a hit just two days after being released online and in select theaters despite many poor reviews. Sure, the film is chock full of butt jokes, f-bombs and exploding heads, but for many, quality is not the point: “The reason we came out today is because . . . we were told not to,” Ed Fernandez of San Jose told the Merc’s Josh Richman. “This movie, bad, good or indifferent, lets us express that freedom that we have.” The film has played before sellout crowds, is the No. 1 video on both YouTube video and Google Play, and has been illegally downloaded almost a million times.


At top:  The marquee at Atlanta’s Plaza Theatre.  (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)


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