Hackers to Sony: We’re good as long as no one ever sees “The Interview”

The anonymous hackers who attacked the computer systems at Sony Pictures Entertainment over the “The Interview,” a comedy about two journalists going to North Korea to attempt to kill its leader, Kim Jong-un, have issued a new demand:

Make sure the movie and its trailers are never released, distributed or leaked in any form, including DVD or piracy, according to CNN.

The group reminded the company that “we still have your private and sensitive data” and that it will continue to “ensure the security of your data unless you make additional trouble.”

The FBI says was the November cyberattack on Sony was the work of the North Korean government. President Obama reportedly is considering a “proportional” response, says Reuters.

The group, which has called itself “Guardians of Peace,” sent an email Thursday to top Sony executives labeled, “Message from GOP.”

The group praised the company for its decision to withdraw the movie.

‘‘Very wise to cancel ‘the interview’ it will be very useful for you,’’ read the message, according to The Boston Globe. ‘‘We ensure the purity of your data and as long as you make no more trouble.’’

Sony has begun removing posters and other promotional materials such as trailers on YouTube. The latest demand puts the company in an impossible position, says The Verge:

Removing ‘everything related to the movie’ from the internet is an impossible task. And even if the hackers don’t follow through with their threat and continue to withhold the data because the film isn’t being released, Sony will effectively be blackmailed into censoring itself indefinitely so that it can keep this data away from the public. 

Above: Movie posters for the premiere of the film “The Interview.” (AFP/Getty Images)


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  • RDR

    Proof positive that you cannot negotiate with terrorists. Need to find and exterminate these hackers.

  • steve hammill

    >>>President Obama reportedly is considering a “proportional” response

    How is this a threat to our national security as the Reuters piece reports? On what basis does the government use its might because a movie maker gets smacked down?

    The current White House occupant is proving to be a warmonger without any military service. It is unlikely that he could handle the unintended consequences of such an action were they to arise.

  • Wake Robin

    What a confused forum this has become when posters raise the principle of “free speech”, then openly advocate some violent, military response to these anonymous hackers. When governments with inordinate stockpiles of weapons resort to force as their first response to any perceived threat, they create a civilian population who reflexively advocates the same kind of behaviour. This has historically been called Fascism.

    Our Greatest Generation endured a long and bloody war to rid the World of this mass murderous hysteria. Now, our own society goose-steps down the same road.