Hackers expected to unleash new havoc next year

Consumers beware! Cyber crooks are poised to expand their array of nasty computer tricks in 2015, a local security firm is predicting.

One of the methods underworld hackers are likely to employ is so-called blastware, which can “gather data and then wipe out the information on systems and hard drives” to cover the crooks’ digital tracks, according to an alert issued Thursday by Sunnyvale-based Fortinet.

One such self-destruct mechanism — dubbed Dorkbot/NGRbot on the black market — already is on the loose, the company said.

Cyber villains also are expected to create diversions that mislead authorities into believing the hacker’s mischief was caused by innocent people, who will be “framed” by phony digital evidence that makes it appear they’re to blame, Fortinet predicted.

Aside from more attacks on retailers, financial firms and factories, the company further warned  that the myriad smart, connected gadgets being developed for the so-called Internet of Things will come under heavier cyber attack. It said devices likely to be targeted “will include consumer home automation and security systems, as well as webcams, which we are already beginning to see.”

Image by KRT achives


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