Study: Female software engineers ask for and get less money than male peers

Updated: A previous version of this blog post incorrectly stated the average minimum salary female engineers ask for and how much they receive.

When it comes to entry-level software engineering jobs, women and men are paid roughly the same.

But wide gender disparities in pay begin to appear among experienced candidates, according to a study by, the recruiting and jobs site. 

One key issue is that women ask for less. Women ask for $107,000, compared to men who ask for $124,000, the study said. Hired calls this the “Gender Ask Gap.”

On average, female software engineers are paid a minimum salary of $114,000, about eight percent lower than the $124,000 their male peers receive, according to Hired, which looked at 10,000 salary offers over the past six months.

That eight percent gap is better than the 22 percent gap between equally qualified women and men across all industries, Fortune points out.

Above: Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, who has highlighted the struggles of women in the workplace. (Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)


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  • steve hammill

    >>> I found it interesting that men on average ask for a minimum of $124,000 — and get it, while women who ask on average for $114,000 get knocked down to $104,000.
    >>>What is going on there?

    What’s going on there fully explains “gender disparities in pay.”

    One thing that old age has taught me is that if you want something you must ask for it and you must stick to your guns to get it.