Smartphone, tablet sales still booming

Consumer demand  for mobile devices continues to grow, according to preliminary data out from tech research firm International Data Corporation.

Worldwide smartphone shipments from manufacturers during the third quarter this year increased 25.2 percent over the same period a year ago and totaled 327.6 million phones, according to IDC.

And despite a drop in shipments from Cupertino-based Apple, tablet shipments for the quarter grew 11.5 percent, totaling 53.8 million.

“Despite rumors of a slowing market, smartphone shipments continue to see record-setting volumes,” said IDC official Ryan Reith in a press release. “We’ve finally reached a point where most developed markets are experiencing single-digit growth, while emerging markets are still growing at more than 30 percent collectively.”

However, with the average price of phones dropping in many areas, more sales don’t necessarily mean more profits.

“The challenge has now become how to make money on devices that are quickly becoming commodity products,” Reith noted. “Outside of Apple, many are struggling to do this.”

Photo by Sean Gallup, Getty


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