Survey finds many experts fear worsening cyber attacks

A majority of 1,642 technology experts surveyed for a new study predict rogue groups and malicious individuals will ramp up their cyber attacks, causing significant loss of life or property by 2025.

While some of those queried by the Pew Research Center said they believe the problem has been exaggerated by the media as well as by security companies hoping to profit from the cyber threat, most expressed deep concerns about what might happen in the future.

“There was considerable agreement among the experts in this canvassing that individuals—their accounts and their identities—will be more vulnerable to cyber attacks from bad actors in the future and that businesses will be persistently under attack,” the study concluded. “Many said the most-vulnerable targets include essential utilities. Many also believe that theft at a larger scale than is now being experienced and economic disruptions could be likely.”

A number of experts likened cyber attacks to the Cold War, since some of the computer incursions have been attributed to China and other nation states.

“They argued that the cyber deterrence of mutually assured disruption or destruction would likely keep competing powers from being too aggressive against other nation-states,” it said. “At the same time, they also anticipate the current cyber arms race dynamic will expand as nations and other groups and individuals ceaselessly work to overcome security measures through the design of potent exploits.”

Illustration by KRT archives.



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