On topic: Tech news to know now

Here’s what’s on the Wednesday menu.

Retailer members of a group working on mobile payments platform reportedly face steep fines if they accept Apple Pay and similar systems.

FCC proposal would treat Internet TV services like cable, would allow a la carte programming and could possibly be good news for Aereo.

Google Fit, a new Android app, joins the health and fitness party.

HP unveils Sprout, an $1,899 PC with a touch pad, projector and 3D printer and scanner.

Former Google Wallet chief launches Poynt, point-of-sale devices that can handle credit cards and mobile pay, etc.

Study: Slow Web traffic a result of ISP interconnection deals, not technical problems.

The FBI created a fake news Web page to catch a bomb-threat suspect. The Seattle Times and others are not amused.

Patent lawsuits decline after court ruling, and rules that favor tech companies.

Verizon starts tech news site called SugarString.com, which reportedly isn’t allowed to write about net neutrality or American spying.


Photo: Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about Apple Pay. (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images)


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