Quoted: on hawking the Ebola.com domain

“But you could say the same thing about doctors. They can become very well-off treating very sick patients.”

Jon Schultz, owner of the domain name Ebola.com, when questioned about wanting to profit off a disease that has killed more than 4,000 people worldwide. (At least one commentary calls it “parasitic capitalism.”) Schultz bought the domain name in 2008 for $13,000 and now wants to sell it for $150,000. His company, Blue String Ventures, also owns domains such as birdflu.com, which he tells the Washington Post is “worth way more than Ebola.com” because “that one’s airborne.” Schultz is hoping a pharmaceutical company might buy the Ebola domain, whose home page now contains links to articles and books about Ebola, including a link to donate to Doctors Without Borders.


Photo of Ebola virus from the CDC via Associated Press


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