Netflix raises prices on 4K videos

You may have paid a premium to get a new 4K television set; now Netflix thinks you should pay extra to watch 4K videos.

The streaming media giant is now requiring new customers who want access to its library of ultra-high definition television shows and movies to sign up for a pricier plan than its regular subscription service. The 4K plan costs $12 a month, while its regular plan costs $9 a month.

Previously, customers of the regular plan could also watch 4K content. Netflix’s servers would stream ultra-high definition videos to any set they determined was capable of displaying them.

Netflix decided to charge a premium for 4K videos “to help defray the costs of producing and acquiring ultra high-definition content,” company spokesman Cliff Edwards said.

Customers who sign up for the premium plan will also get to stream videos from Netflix on up to four screens at once; regular plan subscribers can only stream to two screens at a time.

Subscribers may want to think twice before signing up for the new plans. Netflix only has a limited number of 4K videos available, most notably the second season of its original show, “House of Cards” and all seasons of “Breaking Bad.”

4K television sets offer four times the resolution — the number of pixels — as high-definition TVs. That higher pixel count can allow larger screen televisions to display much sharper images than they would otherwise. Netflix officials have said that they expect the company’s library of 4K videos to grow, adding that Netlix’s future original series will all be shot in 4K.

Netflix raised its subscription price in May by a dollar for new members. But it said that then-current members would continue to pay its former $8 a month rate for two more years. Existing customers who watched 4K videos before the company rolled out its premium plan will continue to be able to access them at their old subscription rate for the next two years, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

H/T Bloomberg Businessweek.

Photo courtesy of Netflix. 


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  • Pär Svensson

    Funny thing is that a little known company called Ultraflix (owned by ) has the biggest 4K content to date and are supposedly adding (Hollywood) movies to the line-up. These movies are converted to 4K via another of Nanotech’s companies – 4K Studios
    Also – Vizio & SONY recently announced that NanoTech’s all 4K UltraFlix Network App will be bundled with their latest 4K TVs.

  • like every greedy companies out there get you hooked then they increase prices , they are like drug cartels

  • I wouldn’t mind paying a few extra bucks if Netflix had all up to date new movies and TV seasons.
    I like my Netflix and would like them more if they just updated.