Quoted: Elon Musk on one-planet civilizations

“If you look at our current technology level, something strange has to happen to civilizations, and I mean strange in a bad way. And it could be that there are a whole lot of dead, one-planet civilizations.”

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX (and Tesla), on the importance of multi-planetary living. In an interview with Aeon Magazine, Musk talks about sending people to live on Mars, as he has for a while now. But will he himself go there one day? “I’d like to go, but if there is a high risk of death, I wouldn’t want to put [SpaceX] in jeopardy. I only want to go when I could be confident that my death wouldn’t result in the primary mission of the company falling away,” he told Aeon. As for those who might want to go to Mars: “It’s not going to be a vacation jaunt. It’s going to be saving up all your money and selling all your stuff, like when people moved to the early American colonies.”


Photo of Elon Musk by Nhat V. Meyer/Mercury News archives


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  • That’s it? Two paragraphs and a stock photo? I know that reporting is going downhill, but this is lazy, dismissive work that insults both the subject and the reader. We expect better of your profession.

    As little as we have heard here, however, Musk speaks a lot of sense.

    • Levi Sumagaysay

      The purpose of the Quoted feature on this blog is to call our readers’ attention to interesting news we find elsewhere by choosing a notable quote from that article. If you click on the first link, you’ll be taken to a long article that addresses many other things besides what I chose to highlight here.