On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we’ve got your tech news links right here.

What is the “D” Elon Musk has tweeted about? Is Tesla rolling out a new vehicle Oct. 9?

Apple Pay might arrive Oct. 20.

Box to delay IPO till next year, according to Bloomberg.

Google’s Eric Schmidt says Apple is just catching up to Google when it comes to privacy.

The franchise rises again: Short “Twilight” films coming to Facebook.

Speaking of films: Netflix will make new ones, starring Adam Sandler, that will appear exclusively on Netflix. The announcement comes after word that Netflix is backing the sequel of “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” which will be released simultaneously on Netflix and in theaters.

Doubling down: Wireless carriers offering double the data to woo customers.

Verizon backs off plan to throttle, or slow down data speed, for heavy users.

Gamergate fallout: Intel is pulling advertising from site that’s been critical of gamers.

Twitter is giving $10 million over five years to new MIT lab that will, among other things, analyze tweets.

Cops in Dubai will be equipped with Google Glass, which, combined with facial-recognition technology, is supposed to help them fight crime.

Google expands free WiFi in San Francisco.


Photo of Adam Sandler from Associated Press archives


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