Quoted: Ello the social network vs. Facebook the ‘advertising platform’

“We don’t consider Facebook to be a competitor. We consider them to be an advertising platform more than a social network.”

Paul Budnitz, Ello CEO and one of its co-founders, tells Bloomberg Businessweek that Ello’s business model — offering the main social network for free, then charging for certain features — makes it different from Facebook. “To me the Internet is becoming one big billboard. Everyone always seems to be building a new app and platform and the way they are going to support it is through advertising,” he said.

Ello, which among other things doesn’t require real names and calls itself “simple, beautiful and ad-free,” has risen in popularity since it launched in July and in the wake of Facebook’s decision to stick to its policy of requiring real names (of drag queens and others). Ello is invite-only for now, and Budnitz isn’t particularly concerned about its demographics or sheer numbers — although the social network’s website says it has a waiting list of tens of thousands of people. “We are not trying to build something that is for everybody,” he said.


Screenshot from Ello


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  • Bradley Ross

    Paul should go to Google, Pinterest and Twitter for funding, they would gladly fund the un-Facebook. I’m on the waiting list…

  • stevej

    I’m willing to bet that the REAL facebook and Linkedin killer will be https://www.haltbox.com . One glance and you’ll see what I’m talking about, clean, beautiful and with exceptional profile settings that guarantee privacy.