Quoted: Jack Ma on loving but not marrying government

“Never, ever do business with government. Love them. Don’t marry them. So, we never do projects for government.”

Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba, on avoiding doing business with the Chinese government. But Ma said on “60 Minutes” that Alibaba cooperates with the government when needed, especially when it’s related to national security.

Alibaba, which recently had the world’s biggest initial public offering, is an e-commerce giant that processes 80 percent of China’s online purchases. Ma acknowledged that Alibaba collects information about its Chinese users, but did not say how that data is used.

The Mercury News noted in May that in Alibaba’s IPO filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the Chinese company said that China’s economy “differs from the economies of most developed countries in many respects, including the extent of government involvement.”


Photo of Jack Ma by Vincent Yu/Associated Press archives


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