‘Sesame Street’ disappears from Netflix

PBS announced that Sesame Street is currently not available on Netflix, according to a report in Fortune.

Fortune cites a source saying that Sesame Street’s suspension was a result of the failure of Netflix and PBS to renew their contract before it expired.

On Sesame Street’s Facebook page, PBS said that “this is a temporary problem which we expect to be resolved within the next two weeks.”

Some fans complained. “It’s a shame that the kids (and parents) are the ones caught in the middle of your negotiations,” one person posted.  

This is just the latest dustup between those who control the pipelines and those who fill those pipes with content.

In Sesame Street’s case, it’s unclear which party pulled the content.

But consumers are increasingly caught in the middle of these battles.

Amazon has made it more difficult to buy books from Hachette authors because of a contract dispute. And the online retail giant has also taken on Disney, as I wrote about here recently.

Above: Cookie Monster with fruit. Photo by Richard Termine (courtesy of PBS press Web site)


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  • Bacon

    I don’t think its fair to say ‘consumers are caught in the middle.’ PBS owns Sesame Street and if they are not getting what its worth, then its theirs to do whatever they want with it. If I own a house and some guy wants to rent it from me, but we can’t agree on a price, it doesn’t suddenly make the guy’s family caught in the middle and my fault.