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More Apple security news: Actress Eva Longoria claims Apple store employees have accessed her personal info and contacted her, unsolicited, by phone and email. And about those nude celebrity photos, 4chan says it will comply with copyright laws and remove illegally shared materials.

As many of us have noticed, Silicon Valley tech companies such as Apple, eBay and Facebook have all experienced website disruptions in the past few days.

RealPad: The AARP is getting into the tablet business with help from Intel.

Speaking of Intel, it has unveiled a smart bracelet that’s supposed to go on sale before the holidays.

Cisco bolsters server business with new products.

Nest software update solves issue of its smoke alarm differentiating between steam and smoke, but not the turn-off-with-a-wave issue yet.

Verizon fined over failure to notify customers that it was using their information for marketing purposes.

Patent troll Intellectual Ventures ventures into making its own products.

Jesse Jackson steps up pressure on Amazon to release its workforce demographics, threatens “action” if the company doesn’t.

Rocket men: Elon Musk’s Space X is challenging reusable-rocket patent held by Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin.


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