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Once again, we’ve got your tech news links right here.

Apple is reportedly teaming up with Visa and MasterCard on an iPhone mobile wallet. Can Apple succeed where others have failed to make any real progress? And in the wake of iCloud-security concerns, what about user trust in a possible iWallet?

Facebook-WhatsApp deal review: EU sends second set of “extremely detailed” questionnaire to rivals in the messaging space.

Back on the IRS menu: free lunches at Silicon Valley companies. The agency, along with the Treasury Department, is reportedly preparing to roll out new tax guidelines.

Among Apple’s newly published reasons for rejecting mobile apps: “Not enough lasting value.” Insert joke here.

Netflix will now allow subscribers to control/limit their sharing of recommendations (as opposed to mass sharing on Facebook).

Google discouraging use of old browsers by showing old version of its search home page.

Microsoft has 20 days to respond in Chinese antitrust investigation.

Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech Center teams with Saudi Arabia’s No. 2 mobile operator to invest in Middle East startups.

Swatch getting into smartwatches, says “all the big technology firms want to work with us.”

Robin Williams’ daughter returns to Twitter after a troll-induced break, shares quote about not being “bullied into silence.”


Photo from Reuters archives


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