Quoted: Trolls drive Robin Williams’ daughter away from Twitter, Instagram

“Deleting this from my devices for a good long time, maybe forever. Time will tell. Goodbye.”

Zelda Williams, daughter of the late Robin Williams, on Twitter on Wednesday. US Weekly reports that Zelda Williams — who has 173,000 followers on Twitter — has had to deal with trolls who have posted “horrific comments” and doctored images of her father online. Earlier in the day, she had tweeted her gratitude for donations to St. Jude in memory of her father.

There were signs of early problems amid the flood of online traffic about Robin Williams’ death. Zelda Williams had previously replied to them with humor, saying “as for those who are sending negativity, know that some small, giggling part of him is sending a flock of pigeons to your house to poop on your car.” But now she has also quit Instagram, where she has 87,000 followers, reportedly writing: “In this difficult time, please try to be respectful of the accounts of myself, my family and my friends. Mining our accounts for photos of dad, or judging me on the number of them is cruel and unnecessary.”

Meanwhile, tributes to Robin Williams are all over the place, including at Apple, which is featuring a photo of the actor on its home page. As Mike Murphy wrote Monday, the voice of the actor/comedian was featured in an Apple ad several months ago.


Photo: Robin Williams, left, and his daughter, Zelda at the premiere of  “Happy Feet Two” in Los Angeles on Nov. 13, 2011. The actor/comedian, 63, was found dead Monday in an apparent suicide. (Katy Winn/Associated Press)


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