Updated: Police say man did not ask Siri to help find a place to hide a body

Update: Gainesville police are saying the reports about Pedro Bravo asking Siri for help are not true: “Multiple reports of Bravo asking Siri to hide a roommate are incorrect… GPD Det. Goeckel certainly did not testify to that,” the police department said on its Twitter account. The police then linked to a story by WUFT, which it says clears a couple of key things up. In a nutshell: The Siri search was not done on the phone, but an image of such a search was viewed on Facebook on the phone. And the person Bravo is accused of killing was not his roommate.

End update, original post below.

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood — like you need help hiding a body — who are you gonna call? Siri.

In a trial in Gainesville, Florida Tuesday, police said a defendant accused of killing his roommate turned to his iPhone’s virtual assistant and said, “I need to hide my roommate.” WTEV reports that among Siri’s answers were: “What kind of place are you looking for? Swamps. Reservoirs. Metal foundries. Dumps.”

The report also said that according to police, Pedro Bravo’s phone had other possibly incriminating evidence, including location information that contradicts where he said he was on a September night in 2012, and that his phone’s flashlight was used for more than 48 minutes that night. Bravo is accused of killing Christian Aguilar, a Florida University student.

Apple holds on to information about users’ interaction with Siri for two years, as our own Pat May wrote last year. Apple said at the time that it keeps the data because it helps the company “train” Siri to keep improving.


Photo: Apple’s Phil Schiller talks about Siri at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011. (Paul Sakuma/Associated Press)


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