Quoted: Elon Musk on the perils of artificial intelligence

“We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes.”

— Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Tesla Motors and Space X, in a tweet over the weekend warning of the perils of artificial intelligence. Musk issued a similarly cautious note in a June interview with CNBC, saying we must avoid a “Terminator”-like outcome when developing AI.

No word yet from Musk on how we can protect our hearts from eventually being broken by Scarlett Johansson-voiced operating systems. While Musk isn’t opposed to the concept of artificial intelligence (he’s an investor in San Francisco AI company Vicarious and expects self-driving Tesla cars within the next year), it’s nice to know he’s at least aware of the dangers of technology run amok.

Er, perhaps too aware:

Oh man. So we’re probably just a bunch of meatbags “living” in a “Matrix”-like reality simulation? Bummer. But at least Musk’s simulation is cool enough to get him into an episode of “The Simpsons.”


At top: Elon Musk in 2013, file photo by Nhat V. Meyer/Staff.


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  • ThraceThrice

    I guess the Great Musk saw a rerun of “Colossus”, or something. No offense to the great pyramid-schemer, but the “perils of artificial intelligence” were known significantly before he acquired a twitter account.