Yahoo is Bloom Energy’s latest customer

Remember Bloom Energy? They unveiled their fuel cell technology at a star-studded event in February 2010, then were fairly quiet until recently. Earlier this week, they announced a big deal with Exelon.

On Thursday, Yahoo announced that it has installed a 1-megawatt fuel cell system from Bloom Energy at its Sunnyvale headquarters.

“This is the first Bloom Box we’ve installed,” said Chris Page, Yahoo’s global director of energy and sustainability strategies, in a phone interview. “We have a commitment to source 50 percent of our annual electricity from on-site generation.”

The Bloom Box should power one-third of the electricity to the buildings on Yahoo’s campus, which is LEED Gold-certified.

Yahoo CFO Ken Goldman, Bloom Energy CEO KR Shridhar and Sunnyvale Vice Mayor Jim Davis were among those at the ceremony Thursday.

Photo courtesy of Yahoo


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  • gusto

    The levelized cost of Bloom’s fuel cells, per the consultants hired by
    the Delaware Public Service Commission to evaluate the Delaware Bloom
    feed-in tariff, is $215.00 per megawatt hour. Want more information?
    The fuel cells are only 47% efficient based on almost two years of
    operational data in Delaware. Because of this, they emit far more CO2
    and VOC than competing combustion technologies – at 4 times the price!
    $215/MW equals 21.5 cents/kw including the cost of the natural gas.
    Maybe Yahoo has a source of FREE landfill methane gas to lower the cost? Conventional gas/turbines can generate electricity for as little as 5 cents/kw wholsale.

    • Dan Iel

      Pics or didn’t happen…