Don’t Bogart that Uber-like app, my friend . . .

A new San Francisco-based app is available to help with your cannabis shopping needs.

And you can do it all from the comfort of that clam-bake pad of yours you call a home.

As reported on and other blogs, the new service is called Eaze. Think pot deliveries for the shared economy:

Demonstrating that anything can be improved by dubbing it “the Uber of” something, a San Francisco startup called Eaze is offering medical cannabis deliveries via a smartphone app — which makes it the “Uber of marijuana,” multiple news outlets are reporting today.

The brainchild of an early Yammer employee, Kevin McCarty, who is funding the whole thing himself and running the operation out of his Chestnut Street apartment, Eaze is not a medical cannabis dispensary per se: it is instead a network of “caregivers” who essentially go to the dispensary for you and then deliver you your weed, in some cases in 10 minutes, McCarty claims.

The key here, as the post points out, is that Eaze will be able to side-step the thousands of dollars in government fees required to get a medical cannabis dispensary license at a brick-and-mortar location. Just like Uber is able to sidestep what SFWeekly’s Chris Roberts calls “all those pesky regulations that (cost money) stifle innovation.”

As of this writing, there are about 30 licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco. Most offer delivery. Some, like Vapor Room, are delivery-only because their storefront was shut down by the Justice Department. There is also an unknown amount of unlicensed delivery services which, since they have no brick-and-mortar location, have been able to avoid paying close to $10,000 for a Department of Public Health medical cannabis dispensary license.

To find out how you can order up your pot right from your phone, check out the app’s website here. You  have nothing to lose but easy and simple access to your kalakit, your kali, your Kansas grass and your kate bush.

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