I’d like to order a bobblehead of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and his tongue

In what’s sure to be a boost to the DIY movement, Amazon.com  this week is launching a new service that lets users custom-build their own items, including earrings and bobblehead toys, using the latest 3D printing technology.

That’s right, folks. Through the magic of 3D-printed design, you, too, can create your own cool stuff from third-party vendors, using Amazon’s personalization software, according to a report in Reuters:

Straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, here’s the press release with all the details from Amazon.

And here’s what Reuters is reporting on the new 3D Printed Products Store:

Most of the more than 200 items available on the company’s new 3D printed products store, which launched on Monday, can be customized using a new feature that allows users to rotate and change the item they are viewing.

Before it is printed by one of Amazon’s sellers, users can customize a product like as a bobble head figure by changing its skin and eye color, hair style and outfit, Amazon said.

“The customization is something we’re keenly interested in,” said Petra Schindler-Carter, director for Amazon marketplace sales, speaking in an interview. “We’ll always look for new applications for that.”

According to the press release, the new online marketplace:

gives customers access to more than 200 unique print on-demand products, many that can be customized by material, size, styles and color variations, and personalized with text and image imprints. The new store is one of the largest online destinations to discover 3D printed products featuring convenient search tools, interactive 3D preview functionality and a product personalization widget. At launch to start, customers will find a wide range of items to browse including jewelry, toys, home décor and fashion accessories.

“The introduction of our 3D Printed Products store suggests the beginnings of a shift in online retail – that manufacturing can be more nimble to provide an immersive customer experience. Sellers, in alignment with designers and manufacturers, can offer more dynamic inventory for customers to personalize and truly make their own,” said Schindler-Carter. “The 3D Printed Products store allows us to help sellers, designers and manufacturers reach millions of customers while providing a fun and creative customer experience to personalize a potentially infinite number of products at great prices across many product categories.”

So get out there and start fabricating your own “3D Printed Octopus Magnet, blue” ($10) or “3D Printed Rotating Skull Gear, White” ($35) or whatever else your little 3D-printing-loving heart desires.

Screenshot above from Amazon.com




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