On topic: Tech news to know now

Here are some tech news links as our Friday gift to you.

Pinterest releases its workforce demographics report — more women work there (40 percent) than in other tech companies that have reported so far.

Judge is concerned about just how much consumers will receive under terms of the proposed $450 million Apple e-books settlement.

Hackers are exploiting Microsoft browser Internet Explorer to expose security flaws on people’s computers.

The SEC probe into Facebook over disclosures about its ad revenue pre-IPO? Forget about it.

Yammer co-founder David Sacks is leaving Microsoft two years after the computer giant bought the San Francisco company.

The Justice Department is urging Congress to make illegal online streaming a felony.

Congressional staffers have been banned from making Wikipedia edits because of a Twitter bot (@congressedits, which we mentioned earlier this week) that keeps track of anonymous edits coming from Congressional IP addresses. Recent edits include calling Donald Rumsfeld an alien lizard.



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