News you can wear: Smart shoes, possible Google Glass rival and more

These things nowadays, they think they’re so smart.

• First, for all you smarty-shoes out there, what about kicks that can run Google Maps and vibrate when you need to turn? That’s right, you just follow your shoes. The Lechal smartshoes, made by an Indian startup, are expected to come in the fall. They’ll cost $100 to $150 and will also track distance traveled and calories burned (like other shoes, such as those made by Nike), according to the Wall Street Journal.

• Lenovo has unveiled a prototype of a Google Glass competitor. You probably didn’t know it was possible, but it’s even more stylish: It has a separate piece (a battery, supposedly to address the problem of the lousy battery life Glass has) that’s worn around the neck. It’s part of Lenovo’s push into the Internet of Things: PC World reports that the world’s biggest PC maker has established NBD, a platform that the company wants possible partners to use to develop smart products. No word on when the glasses will be available; more details to come in October.

• And speaking of Google Glass, you’d think it would be completely welcome at a gathering full of geeks. But not at Comic-Con during movie and TV panels, especially not when watching footage. PCMag points out that the policy is in line with similar ones at movie theaters, for example, which are concerned about piracy.


Photo of Google Glass from Associated Press archives


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