Quoted: Hillary Clinton on social media’s potential

“Too often, people use it as a weapon instead of an opportunity, and maybe one of the ways we can think together about the next phase of development of social media is a tool of outreach, a tool of reconciliation, a tool of negotiation, and perhaps a tool of resolution.”

Hillary Clinton, during a Q&A session at Twitter headquarters Monday, on what kind of role social media could play in war and conflict. As NPR reported last week, tech tools have already “expanded the battlefield,” with Twitter, YouTube and other social media being used as vehicles for connection as well as propaganda. Clinton said she hoped that social media would not be used merely to “score points” but for “finding our common humanity.”

The video of the talk, during which the former U.S. secretary of state and first lady answered questions about topics ranging from women in politics to Russian President Vladimir Putin,  is below.


Photo at top: Hillary Clinton, shown above signing her new book “Hard Choices” at the Common Good Books store Sunday in St. Paul, Minn., visited San Francisco-based Twitter Monday. (Jerry Holt/Minneapolis Star Tribune/MCT)


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  • Ted Vaczy

    If you aren’t able to be conciliatory and reach out to people in your offline life, then you sure wont be able to do it through social media – i.e. it’s not part of your personality. If anything social media brings out people’s less than wonderful personality attributes. Her thoughts are just sound good political rhetoric, probably pre-written for her.