Quoted: when dumping Comcast becomes a very big deal

“I hope the quick action you take is a thorough evaluation of your culture and policies, and not the termination of the rep.”

Ryan Block, AOL executive who tried to cancel his Comcast cable service but was questioned aggressively by a customer-service representative about why. “Why is that what you want to do?… Why don’t you want something that works?” the rep asked, and repeatedly asked the same question in different ways. Block’s recording of part of the conversation has gone viral, prompting an apology from Comcast. In a statement, Comcast said it was “embarrassed,” and that the rep’s behavior was “unacceptable.”


Photo from Associated Press archives


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  • Robert Hall

    When I cancelled my Comcast service in ’08 when I was moving out of Denver (to a city they aren’t in) it was quite a hassle on the phone IIRC. I had to explain several times I was moving and didn’t want to change my plan, but cancel service.

  • If_you_ask_me

    Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to hate Comcast more than I already do.