On topic: Tech news to know now

Once again, we’ve got your tech news links right here.

China calls Apple iPhones’ tracking capabilities a national-security threat.

Netflix, Verizon trade barbs as streaming congestion (what congestion, Verizon says) continues. Ars Technica lays it all out.

All the more time for speculation, my dear. Analyst says mass production of Apple’s iWatch won’t begin till November, not September as originally thought.

MonkeyParking app — which sells individual parking spaces auction-style — suspends service after cease-and-desist letter from San Francisco city attorney.

Elon Musk pledges $1 million to the creation of a museum honoring inventor Nikola Tesla. We wrote a couple of months ago that Matthew Inman, the man behind the push to build a museum (and of Oatmeal fame), had asked Musk for an $8 million contribution.

Amazon seeks FAA approval to test delivery drones near Seattle.

Amazon shelves book discounts in France as required by law, but gets around free-shipping ban by charging 1 cent.

Google service disruptions return in China.

Marissa Mayer and Tim Armstrong reportedly spotted in “deep conversation” at a bar at Sun Valley. Whatever could it mean for Yahoo and AOL?


Photo: A billboard in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, showing a 100 dinar banknote with an image of Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla. (Associated Press archives)


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